What you can expect

Our employees have high expectations of us. Rightfully so.


“We act as one team” is one of our leadership guidelines. We incorporate you into our team from the very first day. Our three-week “warm-up” program provides the ideal entry into your job. In addition, an experienced colleague will be assigned to be your mentor for the first several months. What counts at Porsche Consulting is community – it’s not unusual for colleagues to become friends. Knowledge is shared, across all departments and offices.


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Further development

Good leadership consists not only of expecting a lot from employees but also of supporting and promoting them. In addition to your exciting and challenging project work at Porsche Consulting, you can take advantage of ten days of training a year. Our “training weeks” offer more than 60 different seminars. These are combined to form customized qualification programs.

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Close corporate ties

We have a strong parent company, which also provides strong support. We test our approaches at our own company, with thirty percent of our consulting services provided to the Volkswagen Group. Here is where you will build a key network early on and work on innovative consulting projects.

Porsche live

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Team events

We are driven by a sporting spirit. We strengthen this spirit and the networks among our colleagues by holding team events within the divisions and a New Year’s gala for employees and their life partners, as well as other events. The highlight is our Porsche Consulting weekend, which takes place every summer at different locations. It is attended by all Porsche Consulting employees from around the world.

Work-life balance

Satisfaction generates motivation. So we offer our employees a high degree of flexibility: modern work-time models, sabbaticals, a home office option, and a free choice of office location are a matter of course. Porsche Consulting employees work on weekends only in very exceptional cases. Fitness, health, and the right nutrition are preconditions for individual performance. We offer talks on the latest insights into these topics. You also benefit from our agreement with a chain of gyms. Our check-up program offers “pit stops” to department directors in the form of thorough health exams every other year.