Porsche live

One of our core areas of expertise lies in transferring processes used successfully at Porsche to other branches of industry. We therefore continuously promote the exchange of specialized expertise and experience with Porsche AG. Talks by Porsche executive personnel at our employee events are just one example. We also offer the following networking opportunities:

Projects at Porsche
We do around 30 percent of our business in the Volkswagen Group, and a large share of that at Porsche. The project work offers our employees a superb chance to experience the sports car maker at close hand. This extensive view behind the scenes enables them to build not only expertise but also a comprehensive network – such as in development, production, or supplier management.

Porsche assembly line internship (“Bandpraktikum”)
Assembly line internships at a Porsche plant enable employees of Porsche Consulting to gain an even deeper understanding of the sports car maker’s production processes and corporate culture. These hands-on workshops take place at the production facilities in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen and last from one to three days.

Young professional development
Professionals who have shown special promise at Porsche Consulting have the opportunity to participate in the Porsche young professionals development program. It offers targeted preparation for assuming greater responsibility to individuals from all the Porsche companies. The program runs for two years and consists of different modules. Its core elements include trans-divisional seminars and workshops, individual training, and regular round-table discussions. Annual networking meetings, lecture events, and multi-week rotational positions at different Porsche departments or international Porsche subsidiaries are also part of the program.