From New York to Bermuda

New video filmed for Porsche Consulting.

Producer Dylan Weiss (left) and his film team documented the work processes that run in the background on board the Anthem of the Seas from Royal Caribbean Cruises. Photo: Porsche Consulting.

Experts from Porsche Consulting are supporting Miami-based Royal Caribbean Cruises’ behind-the-scenes work to give its guests the perfect vacation experience on the high seas. Recently the management consultancy was welcomed onboard one of the world’s largest passenger ships to document first-hand the results of their optimization project. Filmmaker Dylan Weiss and his camera team spent three days and nights on the Anthem of the Seas as it sailed from New York to Bermuda. They saw very little of the sea. They were documenting the action deep below deck, where the 1,500 crew members work around the clock in perfect harmony to ensure that all the processes run smoothly. Whether loading luggage and supplies, preparing the finest meals in the galley, or serving guests at the liner’s many restaurants, the staff pursues a single aim at all times: ensuring the highest satisfaction for the ship’s nearly 5,000 passengers. The team’s impressive video will soon be available for viewing on the Porsche Consulting website.