Leading the Way to an AI-driven Organization

A practical guide for executives to navigate tectonic shift s and build an enduring competitive advantage with AI.

While industry leaders embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a strategic business enabler that is incorporated into their corporate strategy, the majority of companies are still caught in the “AI pilot trap” and are not generating the promised value of AI. Most stated reasons by executives for AI implementation challenges are lacking AI skills, the absence of exploitable data and the inability to set up supportive organizational structures. The new study of Porsche Consulting serves as practical guide for executives on how to transform their companies into AI-driven organizations that leverage the full potential of AI. The study particularly sheds light on the execution side of AI initiatives and elaborates, what it takes to successfully kick-start and scale AI across the organization, supported by several best practice examples of companies, which have already successfully embarked on the AI journey.

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