More Precision for Patients

Experts seek to reform healthcare with high-precision treatments.

Eight experts in healthcare, IT, genetics, and pharmaceuticals shed light on the future of medical treatment. Photo: Porsche Consulting/Lea Einbrodt

People who are ill yearn for treatments that target their individual condition. With the technologies currently available, however, treatments can be defined at most on the basis of semi-individualized processes. At the same time, it is increasingly clear that some medications do not work for everyone. While certain active substances are well tolerated by many patients, in others they can trigger drastic side effects. Dr. Roman Hipp, Senior Partner and Head of Life Sciences at Porsche Consulting, therefore sees major opportunities in the expansion of personalized treatment: “The volume of available medical data, which can be analyzed with artificial intelligence, is steadily rising. Added to this are the advances in genetics. Together, they are creating enormous potential, so that even more individualized treatments can soon become reality.”

The fact that "personalized medicine" is the key to even greater treatment success and brings with it a veritable paradigm shift in healthcare is also underpinned by the assessments of seven experts from the fields of medicine, digitalization, research, and economics.

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