Nobel Prize for nudge theory

Porsche Consulting also helps managers make use of this idea.

Managers focus all too frequently on their employees‘ capacity for rational thought. With nudge management, they can also promote instinctual behavior in targeted ways and thereby the ability to work more efficiently. Illustration: Porsche Consulting / Jan Rieckhoff.

Science: Nobel Prize in Economics for developer of nudge theory

The Prize in Economic Sciences 2017

Business management: An instrument with practical applications

Using expertise from the behavioral sciences, Porsche Consulting supports company leaders in designing intelligent work environments. Nudge management supplements classical ways of increasing productivity and transforming cultures by appealing to employees’ instincts in targeted ways. So-called “nudges” in the form of interior decoration or software settings can make it easier for people to work effectively by encouraging full concentration, open forms of communication, or shorter meetings. Individual well-being, productivity, and innovative power are also thereby enhanced. Nudge management achieves rapid results at companies and is well received by employees, and can therefore promote strategy implementation and digital transformation.

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Nudge management: applying behavioural science to increase knowledge worker productivity
Source: Journal of Organization Design