Operation Digital: New hope for cancer patients

Porsche Consulting advances healthcare with digitalization.

Operation room of the future: A cutting-edge robotic assistance system takes a tissue sample at the M²OLIE research campus in Mannheim. It requires only five minutes for the procedure, whereas even experienced physicians currently need up to 30 minutes to place the needle precisely where cancer cells are suspected. Photo: Vanessa Stachel (Fraunhofer PAMB/M²OLIE)

The M²OLIE research campus has a clear goal: applying artificial intelligence and modern robotics to revolutionize treatment for cancer patients with multiple metastases. Specialists at the Mannheim campus are seeking to making life-saving treatment as widely available as possible. The Porsche Consulting management consultancy is a partner of the project, and its experts are supporting future-oriented treatment methods by advancing digital process models and agile organizational structures as well as a strategy for positioning the centres in Germany. The combination of state-of-the-art imaging techniques (CT, MRT, PET-CT) is designed to identify tumours at an early stage—and to eliminate them in the shortest possible time using innovative analytical methods with precise, minimally invasive therapies with the aim of considerably improving prospects for patients with late-stage cancer diagnoses. Around 20 percent of all cancer patients are potentially affected, or approximately 320,000 people a year in Germany alone. This promising project is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.