Smarter Baking

At BackWerk, there’s big data in every roll.

New bakery concept: In addition to croissants and pretzel rolls, hungry guests can now enjoy fresh fruit, smoothies, and hot snacks. Photo: Porsche Consulting.

The rolls and other snacks should be fresh and tasty—and wrapped or eaten on the spot. Hungry students, commuters, and tourists in pedestrian zones and at train and metro stations are eager consumers of sandwich rolls. For their part, the bakery shops always need to have the “right” snacks in their self-service cases for the shortest possible periods of time so their wares will also be fresh. If the shops fail to ensure this, they will end up with disappointed customers and a growing pile of write-off slips for unsold items in the evening. 

This principle applies to all bakeries—including BackWerk’s 350 franchises. Founded in 2001, the company was a successful pioneer in the self-service bakery market. Today BackWerk is the leading player in the sector in Germany, and is active in five other countries as well. Its new owner, the Swiss-based Valora Group, is a convenience and food service specialist with around 2,800 sales points in highly frequented locations like train stations. And it is working on expanding further.

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