Video: How companies benefit from artificial intelligence

Interview with Google Manager Marc Ritter.

Google Manager Marc Ritter gets straight to the point: “There are only two kinds of companies: Those which make use of artificial intelligence and those which will die.” The Enterprise Lead for Google Cloud in Germany appealed to the head purchasers of various companies who accepted the invitation from the management consultancy Porsche Consulting. They met at the heart of the Porsche plant in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen to discuss the future opportunities of procurement. “Free your data”, was Ritter’s credo that evening. Because of from the volume of data, which often exists in isolation from one another in traditional enterprises, algorithms could identify enormous potentials for improvements and savings – given that the data gets linked to one another. Artificial intelligence is still underestimated by many sectors, Ritter said. Whether in sales, marketing, or procurement, it could lead to competitive advantages.