Video: Professor without perfectionism

Johann Füller on innovation drags.

Professor Johann Füller, CEO of HYVE AG, at his Innovation Building in Munich. Born in 1971, Füller studied mechanical and industrial engineering and now teaches at the University of Innsbruck. Photos: Porsche Consulting.
Johann Füller is proud of the Icaros. Developed by Michael Schmidt, Füller’s co-CEO and an industrial designer, it’s a combination of flight simulator and high-energy fitness machine. Users wear a virtual reality headset and fly through wild canyons as they train not only their stomach muscles. Photos: Porsche Consulting
Innovator Füller wears a VR headset as he works out on a simulated flight. The prospects are good: “Fitness studios are very enthusiastic about our Icaros.” Photos: Porsche Consulting

Professor Johann Füller knows a lot about “cool ideas.” The founder and CEO of the Munich innovation company HYVE AG, he and his employees develop prototypes and make new products ready for the market. His clients are industrial companies. According to Füller in this interview with Porsche Consulting, “If you want innovations, you shouldn’t worry too early about practicalities.” Speed is much more important. The professor sees perfectionism as a potential drag on progress.