Video: The perfect cruise

What passengers sense but don’t see.

6:50 am – The Anthem of the Seas has returned from a Caribbean cruise and is docked at Cape Liberty port near New York. “Turnaround day” begins: All the passengers disembark and a new group of vacationers comes on board. Photo: Porsche Consulting.
7:05 am – The ship is loaded with fresh food. The trucks drive up in a set sequence. Their goods are transferred immediately to designated places in the storerooms below deck. No pathways are to be obstructed. Photo: Porsche Consulting.
7:17 am – Uncompromising safety and quality controls: All incoming goods are rigorously inspected. Whether by specially trained dogs … Photo: Porsche Consulting.
… or the keen senses of a head chef. Only flawless products are allowed on board. Photo: Porsche Consulting.
8:12 am – Porsche consultant Renate Fuchs from São Paulo boarded the Anthem of the Seas to optimize processes with the crew. Everyone’s aim: the highest level of passenger satisfaction. Photo: Porsche Consulting.
9:04 am – Around 10,000 pieces of luggage go through security and are brought on board. Photo: Porsche Consulting.
10:43 am – Porsche consultant Renate Fuchs discusses luggage distribution with a member of the crew. A numbering system is used to deliver batches of luggage evenly via elevators throughout the 16 decks. This prevents obstructions in the halls. Photo: Porsche Consulting.
11:15 am – The stewards bring guests’ luggage right to their cabins. Improvements to the process mean it now runs much faster than before. All the suitcases are with their owners by the time the ship sets off in the afternoon. Photo: Porsche Consulting.
12:55 pm – The kitchen on deck 2. Fresh ingredients are being prepared for dinner. This will streamline production of gourmet meals later in the actual galley. Photo: Porsche Consulting.
2:22 pm – The chefs no longer retrieve the ingredients they need from storerooms themselves, but instead send orders to logistics personnel who deliver them. This saves valuable time, and the chefs no longer have to interrupt their work. Photo: Porsche Consulting.
3:37 pm – Good preparations are half the battle: each step is carried out precisely according to plan, so no guest has to wait. Photo: Porsche Consulting.
4:00 pm – Captain Srecko Ban sets sail for Bermuda.  Photo: Porsche Consulting.
4:30 pm – A fabulous journey through the Caribbean begins. Royal Caribbean is the world’s largest provider of cruises. While guests relax at the pool, jog around a track, or enjoy one of the shows, the processes in the background mesh perfectly like the gears and wheels of a clock. Photo: Porsche Consulting.
6:00 pm – Rush hour in the galley: when the restaurants open their doors for dinner, the cooks have a lot to do. But clear plans mean there’s no need for commotion. Photo: Porsche Consulting.
6:13 pm – First in, first out – the ship’s restaurants use the process developed in automotive production. The first plates prepared are the first ones served. This gives every guest the freshest possible meal. Photo: Porsche Consulting.
6:17 pm – Perfect service in tandem: an assistant waiter brings the dishes from the kitchen into the dining area. There the main waiter steps in, serves the tables, and can remain near the guests for further requests and service. Photo: Porsche Consulting.

One of the largest cruise ships in the world, the Anthem of the Seas, is 350 meters long, 40 meters wide, and weighs 168,000 metric tons. Its 16 decks accommodate around 5,000 passengers as well as 1,500 crew members. It heads out onto the high seas throughout the year to beautiful vacation destinations like the Bahamas, Bermuda, or Barbados. On “turnaround day” the ship spends a few hours docked at Cape Liberty near New York, where its crew and the port staff work non-stop to help the previous guests disembark and thousands of new passengers come on board. All the food and other items needed for the next cruise have to be stowed in their designated spaces. Some 10,000 pieces of luggage are carried across the decks at the same time, each one of them to precisely the right cabin door. A logistical masterpiece, for which nothing except the result – a perfect cruise with unsurpassed comfort – should be evident to the passengers. Behind the scenes, Porsche Consulting and Royal Caribbean work together to streamline the processes.