People and Culture

What we do

Every strategic transformation revolves around people. Corporate culture and leadership are key factors in successfully generating and decidedly implementing future-oriented business strategies in order to rise above the competition. Porsche Consulting supports business leaders in preparing and motivating people for changes coming to their organization. Strong change management is an integral part of all our consulting projects. With our innovative and proven transformation strategies, companies achieve a high level of acceptance of change by all involved parties within 100 days.

What we bring

  • Approach: Strategic vision, smart implementation—that’s Porsche Consulting.
  • Experience: Effective instruments that focus on people—proven in more than 500 projects.
  • Creativity: Innovative solutions—from the many different types of expertise on our teams.

New Work

Boosting motivation and productivity

Ever more decision makers view the further development of leadership and collaboration as key to rising above the competition. “Command & control” is giving way to “empower & engage.” Our New Work approach activates the fundamental levers by which behavioral patterns in organizations can be transformed. We also utilize nudge management to accelerate the transformation towards excellence in collaboration. This enables leadership personnel to increase motivation and productivity in their areas of responsibility by more than 10 percent within just a few months.

HR Strategy

Shaping corporate success

Decision makers are using today's HR strategies to lay the groundwork for their companies’ success in the years to come. We use comprehensive trend analyses to identify the crucial issues that will determine a company’s future. Our consultants work with executives and department heads to develop a future-oriented HR strategy. These leaders thereby become the trailblazers and drivers of the entire company’s strategic transformation.

HR Transformation

Increasing effectiveness and efficiency

HR department responsibilities are becoming ever more extensive and challenging, while the pressure to work efficiently is also on the rise at many companies. The key to success lies in further developing two areas in parallel: optimizing and digitalizing core processes, and building up relevant expertise for the future. This type of future-oriented transformation makes HR departments more effective and efficient, which also raises satisfaction levels among their internal customers.


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