Corporate Development

What we do

Standing still is not an option. Neither for the evolution of a sports car, nor for the future of a company. As consultants from the industry, we help companies from a wide range of sectors undergo further development over the long term. In both strategy and operations. Porsche Consulting helps businesses develop outstanding high performance and agility. Not unlike a sports car. We make companies into the Porsches of their sectors. And to maintain that quality, we are never satisfied with what we attain. Enhancing performance a little more every day—that is what drives us.

What we bring

  • Approach: Strategic vision, smart implementation—that is Porsche Consulting.
  • Experience: Over a thousand projects—for large corporations and medium-sized companies.
  • Creativity: When needed, we find unusual solutions—solutions that inspire people.

Strategy and Business Models

Turning good ideas into effective results.

Good strategies give companies a road map they can always refer to. They guide businesses to their destinations even if unforeseeable events arise. In developing its strategies, Porsche Consulting defines future-oriented business models, fosters employee participation, promotes company-wide communication, and secures the key measures. That ensures enduring results.

High Performance Organization

Short paths, rapid responses.

Digitalization and innovations are blurring the lines between sectors. New competitors are on the rise. Established companies have little time to respond. Yet those that think ahead are well positioned to counter rapidly and agilely with a high-performance organization. Porsche Consulting supports managers in setting it up—including resolute customer orientation, short decisional paths, and close interdepartmental collaboration.

Efficiency Programs

We create space for added value.

Adding more value and finding the space for investment and innovation. That is what Porsche Consulting supports. Competitive, financial, and revenue situations determine which efficiency levers to activate. The consultants bring their experience from successful projects across a wide range of fields and combine it with the individual needs of their clients. The job is only completed after implementation—and a marked increase in flexibility for the client.

Corporate Services

From service providers to strategic partners.

The digital transformation demands cooperation and synchronization from all parts of a company. Personnel, IT, and finance departments evolve from service providers to business partners. Processes like IT portfolio control or investment and resource planning become integral components of strategic decisions. Experts from Porsche Consulting oversee company-wide transformations with a comprehensive view that also includes corporate services.


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Dirk Pfitzer

Senior Partner

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