Digitization and Innovation

What we do

It’s one thing for a company to become a leader in its field. It’s another thing for it to stay there. That’s even more true today—given the stream of technological breakthroughs. As consultants from the industry, we support companies from a wide range of sectors in shaping successful transformations. Achieving apparently conflicting aims, fostering enthusiasm, and generating notable results—that is what we are about. We bring the employees on board right away, select pilot projects to start, and set critical masses into motion. Porsche Consulting focuses on inclusive programs with clear results instead of piecemeal or showy efforts.

What we bring

  • Approach: Strategic vision, smart implementation—that is Porsche Consulting.
  • Experience: 100 innovation and digitalization projects in a wide range of sectors.
  • Creativity: We find unusual solutions and reconcile seemingly conflicting aims.

Digital Transformation

Spotting and exploiting digital opportunities.

Connections and networking are the key to scaling up success with digitalization. Employees, expertise, products, technologies, and external partners are all part of our overarching digital transformation program. As bridge builders between analogue and digital worlds, the Porsche consultants ensure just the right level of renewal. We find out where and how digital processes can help attain higher growth, greater efficiency, and a better customer experience. And our new digital operating models lay the foundations for sustainable digital transformations.

Industry 4.0

Overall strategies instead of isolated attempts.

Industry 4.0 is the answer to volatile markets, ongoing product change, and unrelenting cost pressure. In order for digital initiatives to move beyond isolated solutions, we work with your company to develop a road map. Our pilot projects are designed to be scaled up right from the start. Together we ensure that human and machine-based capacities are put to the best possible uses throughout your company. We foster enthusiasm among the employees and qualify them for new technologies while helping you to develop the requisite prognostic skills, automate your decisions, and integrate the right applications on a trans-procedural basis. You then become more flexible and efficient in everything from product development processes and smart factory facilities to customer support.

New Mobility

The future of transportation.

Mobility is changing more rapidly than ever before. The next five years will see more developments in road traffic than the past fifty. Electromobility, driverless cars, and connectivity are paving the way to new business models. Energy companies and freeway operators are becoming partners of the automotive industry. Innovative providers are adopting targeted customer-oriented perspectives. And customers themselves expect digital interfaces for all relevant services when out on the road—above and beyond transportation itself. A wide variety of industries are working together to provide joint services. The key role here is played by integrators. Porsche Consulting has the crucial expertise and experience. Its consultants work together with clients to develop precisely the products that customers will soon be demanding. Of course, they also guide successful implementation in practice.


Genuine innovations. Competitive advantages.

If an innovation is genuine, the market will cheer. That is what happens with groundbreaking products and services. And with creative ideas for core areas of business. The innovation program from Porsche Consulting provides precise and focused management of diverse innovations instead of scattered individual solutions. Companies need more than individual labs, open innovation centers, and design thinking to rack up rapid successes or recognize when to discontinue dead-end projects. Together we create organizations that maintain the right balance between the present and the future. Ones that are open to new developments and always focused on people. Because only what customers themselves value do we admit as measurable results.

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Turning data into business.

Big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) enable us to make better data-based decisions, automate processes, and connect intelligent products and services. What’s needed here is expertise in data science and domains. Working together with both specialized partners and our clients’ experts, we develop analytic and AI solutions that sustainably increase the profitability of businesses. As a founding partner of the Applied AI Initiative, Porsche Consulting draws on resources like high-end AI infrastructure, leading experts, and the entire ecosystem of UnternehmerTUM, one of Europe’s foremost centers for start-ups and innovation.