Production and Logistics

What we do

Production and logistics need to interact seamlessly with one another. However, combining these two functions successfully requires wide-ranging skills. External customers expect rapid responses as well as high levels of individuality and product quality. At the same time, internal requirements are also increasing. Profitability, ability to deliver, and safeguarding specialized expertise are top priorities from the company's perspective. The keys to long-term success and a competitive advantage are efficient processes, digitalization, and an end-to-end synchronized and connected supply chain.

What we bring

  • Approach: Strategic vision, smart implementation – that is Porsche Consulting.
  • Experience: Paradigm shifts are not new to us – we've seen and shaped them for more than two decades.
  • Creativity: We are equally fluent in the languages of managers and shop-floor employees.

Production strategy

Production as a competitive edge.

Production departments are facing a wide range of challenges. Digitalization, innovative manufacturing processes, and quickly evolving value chains are driving the current transformation. Production strategies must accommodate these dimensions within dynamic environments, while at the same time remaining sufficiently flexible to adapt rapidly to new market conditions. As such, the production function can contribute substantially to generating a competitive advantage. Porsche Consulting supports you in crafting a future-oriented production strategy – and we place great emphasis on developing it jointly together with your team.

Smart factories and Industry 4.0

Factories of the future.

Innovation projects are often not integrated into the company’s overall context and seldom move beyond the pilot stage. But how can an overall approach to digitalization and automation at your company succeed? The answer: With a clear and inspiring guiding vision, a firm plan for putting it into practice, and a resolute process of change and transformation. Porsche Consulting prepares you to tackle these and other new challenges. We draw on tried and proven experience from a range of industries, going beyond the deployment of basic digital use cases. For example, by developing strategies that best utilize cloud and platform technologies and allow our customers to develop modular and scalable solutions right from the start.

Supply chain management

Comprehensive supply chains.

Quality, cost, ability to deliver, flexibility, sustainability – supply chain management must find a way to integrate these different target dimensions. This requires not only the right strategy but also digital and innovative ways of working, such as n-tier transparency and closed-loop systems. As a cross-departmental function, supply chain management must meet the demands of procurement, quality assurance, production, and logistics – always focusing on the customer’s individual needs. In addressing and handling such overarching challenges, we draw on experience from countless customer projects across a range of industries.

Lean management

Minimum waste, maximum value.

Companies should seek to meet their customers' needs in the most efficient way possible. The hallmarks of efficiency are an almost obsessive focus on value creation, avoiding any and all forms of waste. Here the concept of "value" should always be derived from the customer's perspective.
Systematic elimination of waste not only lowers costs but is also invariably associated with increases in quality, delivery performance, and employee satisfaction. We have been successfully applying this approach in a wide range of sectors since 1993 – and it remains as valid as ever in our connected world of today.

Factory cost reduction

Cost transparency as a competitive edge.

New technologies, products, and business models require substantial investments. Highly efficient and resilient production networks can unlock these required funds. Identify the hidden potential in your factory processes and structures. Based on an overall analysis of potential, we determine the right levers and help you finance the transformation on your own. Work with us to apply innovative and proven measures tailored to your cost structure to generate a competitive advantage. Our focus here is achieving sustainable financial effectiveness.


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Production and Logistics

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