Research and Development

The key to succeeding on the market and rising above the competition lies in developing new products and making innovations. But only very few companies manage to adhere to their deadlines and budgets. Porsche Consulting supports clients in making the relevant improvements in this area, by applying integrated strategies. With solutions that have been proven in practice, innovative powers are enhanced and product development processes are made more efficient. In addition, research and development costs can be lowered and product costs optimized. These strategies are precisely adjusted to meet the needs of the individual company.

Key questions

  • How can we bring the right innovative products onto the market at the right time in rapidly changing environments?
  • How can we develop successful products even faster?
  • Development performance is what counts: so what path do we take to become the best company in our sector?
  • How do we increase productivity in our development work on a sustainable basis?
  • Our real net output ratio is very low: despite this, how can we continue to lower our costs?

Strategies and solutions

Our team of international experts continues to refine its strategies, methods, and tools in a large number of projects. Our consultants know where trends are heading in the future, and bring experience from a wide range of sectors. We place a premium on people: all strategies and ideas are developed and implemented together with our clients’ managers and staff.

To bring the right products onto the market at the right time, leaders in innovation establish comprehensive innovation management systems. The Porsche consultants give these companies a new strategy to increase their innovative power. It is based on the latest scientific research and closely linked to Porsche Consulting’s approach of operational excellence. Our multi-phase model covers everything from the initial idea to market introduction. It creates both space and the right structures. At the same time, it focuses on individuals and their creative potential. It enables our clients to build a culture of innovation that encourages creative ideas and provides the necessary breathing space.

Rising cost pressures also affect research and development departments. This can be seen especially clearly in the conflicts between increasing product complexity and existing budgets. We identify the key cost drivers and reduce them to the necessary minimum, first in workshops and then directly in practice. These noticeable changes enable performance to rise not only at individual sites but also in worldwide development networks.

Why are many products more expensive than planned? And how can they be developed even more quickly? Efficient product development processes give companies substantial competitive advantages. Porsche Consulting offers a comprehensive system to efficiently plan, monitor, and guide product creation. It is always adjusted to the individual company. The approach is modular – and introduced on a step-by-step basis. This has the benefit of building precisely upon the existing product creation system. That lowers investment and throughput times in everything from the initial concept stage to final authorization for standard-series production. The system also contains preventive measures to ensure quality assurance. They are key in ensuring that both the start of production and the build-up to peak levels remain virtually free of disruption.

The only way for companies to resist cost pressures is to keep a constant eye on product costs from creation to customer delivery. Porsche Consulting starts by examining the early stage of product development. This is where the effect is the greatest. It employs methods such as Kano models and conjoint analyses, which are used to derive customer-oriented lists of specifications. These also define target prices and serve as the basis for target costing. Customer requirements are translated into technical concepts and incorporated into development. Porsche Consulting has the right instruments to shape product development in the best possible way with respect to costs. To achieve maximum effect here, analysis extends above and beyond product families. Our consultants ensure that production interests are taken into account early on. Well before products are ready for production, these cost and value analyses as well as assembly requirements are used to shape products in conceptualization and supplier workshops. In combination with lean processes and efficient organizational forms, this ensures that companies remain successful over the long term.


Oliver Kayser

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Research and Development

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