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Sales department personnel are facing a challenging situation: their customers, who enjoy a virtually transparent view of the market in this digital age and can choose freely from a broad range of products, have never been so assertive. This in turn means that higher demands are placed on companies and their existing business models. How can they provide the right products and services? How can they make every point of contact an opportunity to promote even greater customer enthusiasm? And how should they structure themselves to do so? Companies with traditional sales organizations can no longer handle such questions. Trailblazers in sales are therefore rigorously incorporating their customers’ perspectives into all processes, structures, and products. And they are making resolute use of the additional potential for profit in their service business.

Key questions

  • How can new potential for sales be developed in highly competitive environments?
  • How can we truly achieve a higher level of customer loyalty – and what makes us attractive to new customers?
  • How can our sales team fully utilize its strengths? What roles and interfaces matter here?
  • How should we position our after-sales and service business to benefit both customers and the company?

Strategies and solutions

Our expert sales and service team answers strategic and operational questions. Its members apply their wealth of international experience from B2B and B2C companies in more than 20 countries. The aim is to raise the performance of sales organizations and to meet defined growth targets. The team members take an overarching view of sales, marketing, and service – and they know the relevant internal company interfaces.

Credibility is the greatest good. Together with their clients, the Porsche consultants therefore examine and enhance individual business models. Do the products actually suit the customers? Are the promised benefits conveyed to customers in targeted form? Does the revenue/cost ratio make sense? The answers to these questions show whether and how sales strategies should be calibrated – for example, with respect to brand positioning, price policies, or the right sales channels. The consultants and their clients jointly analyze and shape core sales areas and establish effective planning, market cultivation, and market management. Existing budgets and capacities are utilized in focused form. This enables companies to acquire new customers and generate additional revenue.

Companies that succeed in not only satisfying but also delighting their customers generate outstanding opportunities for themselves. They turn customers into fans and secure their long-term loyalty. Companies that have recognized this proceed in three steps. They first categorize their customers based on their actions and define different customer types. Based on the latters’ needs, they design relevant contact points and processes. They consistently measure the results and acquire a 360-degree view that enables them to follow their customers in the best possible way throughout the entire “customer life cycle” – from initial interest to repeat purchase.

The entire sales team has to make full use of its potential for performance in order to derive measurable results from customer contact points. The foundation for this is laid by efficient business processes and the corresponding organizational forms in all the core areas of the company. Leading companies strictly examine job profiles and the requisite qualifications, as well as existing standards, reports, and informational systems. A comparison of all these factors – with the help of our experts – reveals how fit the sales organization truly is. Structures and processes are tailored precisely to the customers, in order to create the conditions for making the sales organization even stronger and more flexible in all its dimensions.

The service business may be complex, but it also offers interesting and diverse opportunities for customer contact. These contacts enable companies to get to know their customers better and to impress them not only with excellent products but also with excellent service. They also give manufacturers valuable ideas on how to continuously improve their products and services. Porsche Consulting supports companies in safeguarding component sales and supply, controlling guarantee costs, and securing professional technical services for customers. Innovative services are also established and expanded. Profitable digitalization-related examples include remote service and predictive maintenance procedures. They can help companies increase functional stability and resource utilization on a rapid and non-location dependent basis. Overall, after-sales activities can substantially raise profitability for the company in general. Our experts develop the relevant strategies and also guide their implementation internationally.


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