Porsche Consulting Innovation Lab

In product design, service design, and experience design, the term “design” is more than a decorative addendum. When consistently implemented, it is the heart of a holistic approach that focuses on the customer and generates value-adding solutions for everyone involved. When our clients have unmet needs, we see opportunities, develop experiences, and jointly realize solutions that generate enthusiasm and make companies more agile and customer-oriented.

Our innovation lab is a center of expertise. That is where we combine our consulting experience with expertise in design and technology as well as our strength in putting ideas into practice in order to realize innovation. The application areas extend well beyond business models, products, and services to also encompass processes, operating models models and corporate strategies.

Measurable results

Porsche Consulting has helped us to achieve double the result in half the time.
It’s a completely different way of working in a digital lab.

Dr. Matthias Schubert
TÜV Rheinland

Together with Porsche Consulting, we have been able to transfer innovative business ideas into digital services live on the market within a few months.

Dr. Lars Heidenreich
Volkswagen AG

The Porsche Consulting Innovation Lab helped us to accelerate our co-innovation journey – exploring untapped potentials at the intersection of motorsport and watchmaking.

Dominique Heintz
Audemars Piguet

What you can achieve within one sprint in the innovation lab is amazing. Environment and methodology significantly inspire creative thinking and design.

Fabian Ritter
Geiger Unternehmensgruppe

The Porsche Consulting Innovation Lab is one of the best I know.

Sven Göth
Business Futurist, Keynote Speaker & Expert for Transformation & Change

The Innovation Lab and its capabilities offered us the perfect setting to further develop the idea of a ‘Sales Lab’.

Uwe Häberer
Siemens AG Digital Industries

The Porsche among labs

Standing still is not an option. Our innovation labs not only embody Porsche’s principles. They also function like sports cars. Every detail has its purpose, is delightful functional, and enables teams to peak performance and agility. We turn companies into the Porsches of their sectors, and measure ourselves against the concrete results of our work. For this always to be the case, we are never satisfied with what we achieve. Becoming a little better every day – that is what drives us.


Creativity means having ideas. Innovation includes putting them into practice.


Design means value for customers – the heart of our thinking and doing.


Measurable results in days instead of the previous weeks or months.


Environment and digital workflows that foster teamwork.


More value, less risk. With early customer integration and proven methods.

Proven approach

We combine qualitative design approaches with quantitative analyses and profound understanding of digital possibilities. The result: solutions that generate new value for all involved. How do we do this? With design sprints of two to five days. Individual in their workflow and methods. But with unique characteristics: interdisciplinary teams, design methods, rapid iterations, and tangible prototypes with direct customer feedback.

High-performance environment

We are convinced that teams’ creativity and performance depend on their environments. We have therefore designed our innovation labs for optimal collaboration. We have created spaces in which “thinking outside the box” becomes reality.

  • Symbiosis of digital and physical work areas promotes creative collaboration and simplifies work and decision-making processes.
  • Virtual simulation systems enable teams to grasp current situations and problems from customers’ perspectives. With rapid development of prototypes, ideas are concretized and tested in multiple iterations with customers.
  • The DEON digital information management platform was developed to make better use of human visual-cognitive capacities. This fosters creativity, streamlines complexity, and renders contexts visible.

Real expertise

We are an experienced team of entrepreneurs, strategists, and technology experts as well as designers and consultants.

Diversity spreads its wings in digitalization. Multifaceted networks offer the greatest competitive advantages. We come from a wide range of industries, which makes our team especially strong. Supplemented by a network of experts who give direct answers to critical questions. Together we create a platform for creative collaboration and accelerated decision-making.


+ Gateway to global ecosystem

Universities (e.g. UnternehmerTUM, Stanford, MIT)
Implementation partners (e.g. MHP, MartianMachine)
Start-ups (close relationships with > 100 startups)
Venture capitalists (e.g. a16z, VintageIP, Plug and Play)
Design agencies (HYVE, NORMALLY, aperto)
Industry experts
Alliance partners (e.g. Porsche Design, VW Data:Lab)


Innovation Lab

Stralauer Allee 12
10245 Berlin

Innovation Hub
Palo Alto

212-214 Homer Ave
Palo Alto, 94301



Dirk Pfitzer

Senior Partner

Phone: +49 711-911-12835
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