Success Factor: Sustainability

Sustainability has become a key strategic and operational challenge worldwide—for all companies across all industries. The task is to bring environmental and social responsibility into harmony with striving for economic success. It is increasingly apparent that a sole focus on economic factors is not enough to be competitive over the long term. A comprehensive transformation is needed to meet the increasing demands for sustainable action of customers, employees, investors, and the society. Companies that commit to sustainability combine successful business management with protection of the climate, conservation of resources, and socially responsible action.

From Strategy to Cultural Change

It is essential for companies to take a clear position and make a commitment to holistic sustainability on all of their strategic and operational levels. The foundation consists of a strategic orientation powered by a meaningful vision and ambitious goals along all three dimensions of sustainability. Effective measures anchor sustainability throughout the value chain and in all company processes and structures. Involving all of the employees ensures that success will endure and that sustainability will be continuously developed further. As consultants with expertise across a wide range of industries and with solutions proven in practice, we support companies in improving their individual sustainability activities and in generating and implementing feasible approaches to help make the world more sustainable.

Strategy and measurable success

Value-adding growth is the primary company aim

Carbon neutrality

Climate neutrality helps solve one of the most urgent issues of our time

Circular economy

Future-oriented circular economy practices conserve resources

Focus on

Leadership, communication, and empowerment ensure a successful transformation

Recognizing Opportunities

Environmental consciousness

How can companies use limited resources efficiently, lower their climate impact, and thereby take responsibility for the environment and society?

Social responsibility

How can companies use their reach to create a positive impact on people and become a partner to society?

Economic success

How does sustainability pay off in achieving long-term profitability, value-adding growth, and competitive advantage?

Proven Practices

With more than 25 years of experience in guiding transformations, Porsche Consulting supports companies on their road to sustainability. Using a six-step model, we work with our clients to develop a sustainability strategy and define a clear vision that also encompasses the competition and customer requirements. Building on this strategy, we jointly determine concrete goals and guide implementation of effective measures such as lowering carbon emissions, upholding human rights, and establishing sustainability standards in the supply chain. Suitable governance structures and processes and a vibrant sustainability culture ensure success. The outcome: a competitive and future-oriented sustainability strategy as well as measurable results.

The six steps cover the three dimensions of environmental consciousness, social responsibility, and economic success. These are oriented toward the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We focus not only on the overall company, its ecosystem, and its partner network but also on its product and service portfolio.

Our Take on Sustainability

We are convinced that the key qualities of sustainable companies consist of reducing environmental impact, assuming social responsibility, and striving for value-adding growth. This transformation requires shared and credible action. Companies need to show all interest groups—from customers, employees, and investors to the public at large—the results of their sustainability measures in transparent and coherent ways. Leadership personnel with clear standards of conduct serve as role models and visionaries. Lived values, standards, and visible successes are required to anchor the philosophy of sustainability in employees' minds.

Measurable Results

Authenticity is important to us when it comes to sustainability. 
Together with Porsche Consulting, we’ve laid the foundations for a sustainable transformation.

Stephan Patrick Tahy
Duravit AG

Porsche Consulting helped us evaluate the possibilities of our own compensation project with our water kiosk—an important contribution to our sustainability strategy.

Claudia Brasse
Group Director HSE & Sustainability
Wilo SE

Together with Porsche Consulting, we successfully developed ambitious strategic sustainability goals to meet current and future customer demands as well as regulatory requirements.

Dieter Lebzelter
Managing Director
IMS Gear SE & Co. KGaA

Thanks to Porsche Consulting, we understand the complex landscape of decarbonization and CO2 compensation and have quickly derived a suitable strategy for China.

Catherine Peng
Vice President, PR, Communications & CSR
Volkswagen Group China

As the market and technology leader for automotive towbars and hitches, we are advancing decarbonization in the industry. We worked with Porsche Consulting to develop a road map for achieving climate neutrality by 2040.

Dr. Dietmar Bufka
COO and Managing Director
ACPS Automotive GmbH

Our top priority is on health—human, animal, and environmental. We worked with Porsche Consulting to lay the foundation for successful worldwide control of the More Green, Be Safe, and Be Health programs.

Mateus Possati Figueira
Head of Innovation & Projects
Boehringer Ingelheim

The vision of 100% CO2-neutral e-mobility changes VW and our industry significantly. With support of Porsche Consulting, we achieved first successes on this journey together.

Dr. Michael Liebert
Head of Sustainability
Volkswagen AG (Brand)

Porsche Consulting supported us in the further development of six strategic fields, developed an initial concept for targeting CO2 emissions and defined 30 ESG KPIs to measure the success of our sustainability strategy.

Dr. Benedikt Finkenauer
Head of Sustainability
Porsche AG

The design and operationalization of a holistic management system for sustainability across all brands and departments was our challenge–Porsche Consulting our professional partner.

Ralf Pfitzner
Director, Group Sustainability
Volkswagen AG

Our Contribution

Together with our clients we are working to combine economic success with social responsibility and environmental protection. We aspire to lead by example. Porsche Consulting supports the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). With an ambitious set of measures we are applying first-rate means to reduce our company's impact on the environment. This includes lowering CO2 and equivalent greenhouse gases* by 25 percent by 2025. We compensate for the remaining emissions, and as a result have been climate neutral since 2020.

Less travel

  • One quarter of our consulting activities take place in a virtual context. We pass the cost savings on to our clients.
  • Our consultants are based as close as possible to our clients. An algorithm helps us find the best talent for each project.
  • Meetings and seminars are held primarily online or regionally. We enable all of our employees to work from home, which shortens commute times.

Environmentally friendly work

  • High-speed climate protection: we are converting our entire fleet of company vehicles to electric and hybrid drives by 2025.
  • Priority on rail travel: we place a premium on the most environmentally friendly modes of travel.
  • Environmental protection everywhere: our sites use green power, smart procurement, recycled paper, regional products, and many similar measures.

Focus on people

  • We embrace diversity and are signatories of the Diversity Charter. A strong women's network and intercultural teams are especially important to us.
  • We regularly support socially responsible projects and actively contribute our expertise to good causes.
  • We support young people and promote education, for example with the Deutscher Gründerpreis für Schüler ("German start-up award for schoolchildren") and the "Digitalturbo Schule" ("digitally turbocharged school") Porsche project.

*Includes both direct and indirect emissions from our company's activities (scope 1-3, Greenhouse Gas Protocol GHG).


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