Bernard Meyer, Meyer Werft

Make us the Porsche of our industry

The job was clear: “Make us the Porsche of our industry,” said Bernard Meyer when he commissioned the experts from Porsche Consulting in 2009. The problem: the floating 5-star hotels that included an amusement park as well as gourmet and shopping paradises were becoming ever larger and more complex, yet were supposed to be built in considerably shorter periods of time. The solution was to introduce a professional process management system based on the example from the automobile industry as well as a lean order-processing procedure. In production, the individual sections and blocks now “flow” onto the construction dock and are assembled in modular form like Lego bricks. This has achieved a high level of parallelization in the processes as well as clear savings in time. The shipyard now also coordinates its numerous suppliers in the same takt time in order for the components to arrive precisely when they are needed. Development processes were also streamlined, in addition to being newly described and synchronized to meet the production requirements. As a result, Meyer Werft is now able to handle larger projects and new developments in shorter periods of time despite the greater complexity. This can be measured by means of the throughput time for the construction dock. From 2009 to 2013 it dropped from nine months to six months, while ship dimensions even increased.