Peter Liebert, Erdinger Weißbräu

"Every successful step raises our awareness"

Wheat beer from Erding is an export hit: Erdinger Weissbräu, a long-standing brewery in Upper Bavaria, sends its beer to more than 90 countries around the world. “Our recipe is a well-kept secret,” says Peter Liebert, the Chief Technical and a fifth-generation brewmaster. What is not a secret is the high standard of quality at this family business. “The basis for our uncompromising quality consists of the finest raw materials, expertise, and of course the Bavarian Beer Purity Law.”

In order to maintain its success and leading position, this privately owned brewery is seeking to operate in even more advanced and efficient ways. It launched its continuous improvement process, known as CIP for short, by recruiting an internal CIP team. "For the CIP team you need employees who are really reluctant to be taken from their regular duties," says Liebert. Over a period of 25 weeks, the brewers, salespeople, and logistics specialists became qualified CIP experts at the training facilities of the Porsche Consulting Academy. And it did not take long before their efforts produced measurable results. For example, the performance level of the filling system rose by 35 percent to 13 bottles of wheat beer a second. Despite all the enthusiasm for efficiency, however, Liebert makes an exception. "The brewing process is our holy cow," he says. "We won’t change or accelerate any part of it." But as for everything around it, the improvement process never stops. So Liebert finds it important to remain in close contact with the instructors from the Porsche subsidiary’s Academy. "I find it fascinating to compare our brewery with the perfection at Porsche. Every successful step that we take raises our awareness for more."