Richard E. Geitner, C. & E. Fein GmbH

We used to think our production hall was too small. But after rearranging things we now have double the capacity

A look at production at C. & E. Fein GmbH’s company headquarters in Schwäbisch Gmünd-Bargau (Baden-Württemberg) soon reveals that this inventor and manufacturer of extremely reliable electric tools for professional use in industry and small trade is steering a perfectly defined course. In the production hall flooded with natural light, nothing is left to chance: yellow markings on the sparkling industrial floor define working areas, everything is structured logically and is perfectly sorted, and there are no unnecessary materials or equipment to be seen. Small electric trains deliver materials and collect finished products on a takt-based schedule. “We used to think our hall was too small but after rearranging things we now have double the capacity,” says CEO Richard E. Geitner. “And we no longer produce to stock, but instead adjust our production precisely to the current sales situation.”