Uwe Hildebrand, E. Breuninger GmbH & Co.

Porsche Consulting is the right place to go to improve processes and increase efficiency

Breuninger, a Stuttgart-based company in the fashion and lifestyle sector, set standards and displayed a pioneering spirit early on with its customer-oriented services. It was the first company in Europe to introduce non-cash payment with its own customer card. Its eleven department stores throughout Germany – with more than a thousand high-end brand names as well as numerous first-class restaurants – leave hardly a wish unfulfilled. “The company has placed a premium on customer satisfaction ever since it was founded back in 1881,” observes Uwe Hildebrand, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) and member of the board of management. In 2014 the industry journal TextilWirtschaft awarded Breuninger the TW Forum prize as the best German department store.

This medium-sized company has never rested on its laurels. Instead, it has optimized its services on a continuous basis. It has been supported in these efforts by Porsche Consulting since 1995. Hildebrand is convinced that “the Porsche subsidiary is the right place for us to go to improve processes and increase efficiency.” After focusing on the work processes in sales, its management personnel now have 20 percent more time for their customers and employees. In addition, the interplay among trend scouting, purchasing, marketing, and planning was optimized to prepare for each season in a more targeted and efficient manner. “The consultants’ results are visible not only in the numbers,” says Hildebrand, “but also in the satisfied looks on the faces of our customers and employees.”