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The process of continuous improvement, on which our successful busi- ness is based, is also applied consistently within our own ranks. Porsche Consulting as a company is constantly developing, always moving for- wards. The concept of concentrating on value-creating processes—origi- nally devised for the automotive industry—has developed into an inte- grated policy. The methods have been adapted and refined so that lean thinking has taken hold in all departments and in all sectors of industry. Processes designed by Porsche are also increasingly in demand among our international customers. Of the turnover of 31.9 million euros which we achieved in the last financial year, 23.5 per cent came from foreign sales.
We have taken account of this trend with the setting up of Porsche Con- sulting Italia, our first subsidiary. The growing internationalism also has an effect on our communications. From this edition onwards, Caracho will appear in English, too. In our choice of subject matter, we are also looking more beyond the borders of Germany than we used to, and giving you insights into the diversity of our clients’ projects: for example, we take a look at the development department of a long-established Ameri- can tyre manufacturing company, and at the production processes of an Italian manufacturer of exclusive gas cookers. You will also find out what can be learnt at a seminar in Japan, the home of kaizen (continuous im- provement). And you can learn how introducing lean processes can bring about tangible improvements, even in the complex manufacture of racing cars or in the production of exclusive jewellery. We hope you enjoy read- ing and learning from these articles.
Eberhard Weiblen
Managing Director, Porsche Consulting
Eberhard Weiblen

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