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Porsche Consulting – THE MAGAZINE
Leading economists say that we have emerged from the recession and that a large number of compa- nies are once again posting suc- cessful results or are on their way
to doing so. For many, the current recovery has come every bit as unexpectedly as the crisis in the fall of 2008. Unusually strong fluc- tuations in the major economic indices and a shift in global business influence are putting everyone in the commercial world under con- siderable pressure to act. Strategies have to be reassessed and business operations adapt- ed to the new realities. And because history teaches us that crises will recur, we should not only ride the present wave of success but also lay sound preparations for the difficult periods that we may have to go through in the future.
When executive board members and managing directors, especially those from leading com- panies, come to us and ask for support, it is obvious that they are not doing so for want of good ideas or compelling strategies. Instead, they are seeking to structure their business
systems in such a way that adaptive capaci- ties are enhanced and that resources can be transferred into concrete results with as little loss to friction as possible. The major precon- ditions for this are a strong will to change, and the ability to not only persuade employees of the associated benefits, but to provide them with the right tools as well. This is the only way to turn words into successful deeds.
In this tenth edition of our magazine, we intro- duce you to people who are working together with Porsche Consulting and who have not only generated ideas but also put them suc- cessfully into practice.
You can read, for example, how one of Ba- varia’s leading breweries is taking successful action in a difficult environment, what me- chanical engineers in Germany can change in order to expand their position on global mar- kets, how a manufacturer of kitchens has dra- matically reduced throughput times, and how modernization and construction workers can achieve their aims faster with lean processes.
We would also like to show you how the new logistics strategy at Porsche AG is helping the company produce its cars in an even more flexible and rapid manner.
We at Porsche Consulting look forward to trig- gering your interest and encouraging you too to take action.
Eberhard Weiblen
CEO, Porsche Consulting GmbH

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