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03 Editorial
06 Beer Needs a Home – And a Clever Recipe How a private Bavarian brewery has taken 76 countries by storm without compromise.
12 When the Walls Shake
44 When the Ritz Calls
Paris, Porsche, Poggenpohl—this triad is the source of an elite kitchen in a legendary luxury hotel.
50 Fein and Dandy
A century later, the company that invented the electric drilling machine maintains
its workshop-oriented view of production.
56 The Future of Life
With a view to our substantially longer life expectancies, cardiac surgeon Professor Friedhelm Beyersdorf explains how to make ageing more enjoyable.
60 Purchasing Is a Matter
(Not Only) of Profit A simple checklist can optimize dialog with suppliers.
64 The Porsche Akademie Catches On Following the example
of Porsche’s model factory, more than
25 consulting clients are now successfully operating their own training centers.
66 News 69 Credits
70 Rapid Bathroom
Renovation Workers are amazed, whole- salers are astonished: Taut organization enables them to modernize bathrooms in ten percent of the time.
Porsche Consulting – THE MAGAZINE
Mechanical engineering companies in Germany are capable of sophisticated solutions. How they can improve their costs.
20 New Subsidiary in
South America Brazil follows
on the heels of Italy: Porsche Consulting founds its second foreign office.
22 A Popular Prototype Becomes a Product Designed by process consultants, the lean briefcase goes on the market.
24 “Consultant in São Paulo – My Dream Job Come True”
If needed, economic engineer Renate Fuchs can also assemble 16-speed transmissions.
30 Typical Porsche: No Superfluous Parts The sports car manufacturer needs no warehouses
at its plants, thanks to a sophisticated logistics strategy.
38 Capital Project
Lego figures document the financial benefits of lean processes.
42 Italy: Signore Magno Makes Headlines Why Italian business journalists are attracted to a combination of German efficiency and Japanese methodology.

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