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To ensure fast responsiveness and consistent messages, more and more communications departments are modeling their operations on the newsrooms at major media outlets. Topic managers are responsible for several channels. This offers the following benefits:
Management team
DSGV communicators Silke Lehm and Christian Achilles
will be managing the newsroom together with their colleagues from SFP, Arne Münster and Bernadett Faßhauer-Kotte
(from left to right).
will be tailoring the different topic areas to different target mar- kets, optimizing them for the appropriate channels. The automobile industry provided the archetype: it nominates product managers for new model ranges, who then put together their own develop- ment team. “This is how we work in the newsroom, too,” Achilles explains. This involves the participation of specialists ranging from editors, art editors, and web designers to social media experts. Flexible island offices will provide temporary homes for the teams.
The showpiece of the newsroom will be the long news desk. From here, the media landscape will be observed in real time and short-term presentation of topics will be coordinated. Just a few steps away, a large room is being set up for video conferences with communicators from the furthest reaches of the savings bank universe. Featuring a raised platform, the room can also be transformed into an event location for talks and presentations. The employees can choose between noise-insulated creative spaces and silent work areas as needed. Light shines through a glass roof, illuminating a large area that will later provide a space for employees to catch up on, and share, information. “It will have the best coffee in all Berlin,” Christian Achilles promises. And that’s no coincidence, because the consultants from Porsche also shared tips on creating an innovative working atmosphere. This includes promoting informal discussions between employees— for example, with cleverly designed routes through the office. After all, communication and space are difficult to keep separate. Achilles is confident that the newsroom and its processes will reap rewards: “This form of organization will ensure that we’re perfectly prepared for the future.”
Consistent messages across all channels
Topical communication and short reaction times
of topics relevant to the target audience
Automation, exploitation of synergies, and consistent performance assessment
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