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Life and Work
Taking Steps Towards Customers
Brazilian construction company Plaenge has adopted a digital strategy that brings them closer to their customers.
 The civil construction sector is concrete and exact by nature, but its product is loaded with values and subjectivities. Acquiring property is one of the main human desires. And serving a client who is about to
realize a dream of this magnitude demands assertive strate- gies that foresee more than excellent products—they demand excellent relationships, too.
In Brazil, where the estimated demand for housing will be approximately 900 thousand units per year until 2027, Plaenge, the largest real estate developer in the southern region of the country, has been shifting its business orienta- tion towards customer centricity as a basis for the company growth. “One of the reasons we worked on the customer cen- tricity approach was that we came to the understanding that the mobile generation and today’s fast-paced tech evolution are changing the relationship between companies and con- sumers. The question was how to prepare ourselves for this change,” says Plaenge’s director Marcelo Resquetti.
Management consultancy Porsche Consulting supported Plaenge in taking the digital relationship with the client to the next level. The new strategic approach has included solutions along the customer journey ranging from remodeling the company‘s website to developing an app that considers all the points of interaction between the client and the construc-
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tion company. In addition to offering a more complete and efficient service within a digi- tal environment, the goal is to improve data collection to have continuous and more reli- able sensors in terms of consumer needs— all with the objective of creating a better, more personalized customer experience with the brand.
In the app, expected to be launched by
the end of 2019, clients will be able to fa-
miliarize themselves with the contractor‘s
projects, request purchase and financing, in
addition to making floor plan changes, cus-
tomizations, and construction follow-ups.
“We are currently structuring all systems,
and the idea is to implement in stages,” says the director of the Brazilian company. However, a minimum viable product created together with the experts from Porsche Consulting led to results within days. By using the design thinking methodology, they creat- ed a dummy for the app, which could be tested and refined to find the right range of functions.
What Plaenge is taking to the digital sphere is also a consequence of what the company has structured offline. For over twenty years, the company has been working with flexible floor plan options—cus-
Experiences are key in the housing industry. Plaenge has forty-seven model apartments in seven towns in Brazil. The digital experiences via the app and website complete the new customer journey.

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