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Art plays a big role in the life of Yong Qing Fang. Her father is a painter, her mother a dancer and choreog­ rapher, and she too loves to color, paint, and play with clay. She lives in Shanghai with her parents, younger brother, and two dogs. Whenever possible, she also plays outside. “We’d like for her to learn about creativ­ ity, meaningful things in life, and respect for nature early on,” her parents say.
The world of work is showing an ever greater divide— between creative activities on the one hand and auto­ mation on the other. Nowhere is this more evident than in China’s digital boom. Yong Qing Fang will have good chances in life with a creative profession. But digital technologies are also making increasing inroads into and changing areas like photography, music, and language.
Yong Qing Fang
Age 3, China
Porsche Consulting The Magazine 101

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