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Mrs. Weber, her Afrikaans teacher, is nice. And school is fun, adds Liyaena. That’s good, because this eight- year-old, who lives in an informal settlement near Cape Town, wants to become a doctor, and will need to study hard. She likes playing netball with her friends and
use her parents’ laptop, who work in cleaning and construction. Where will she be in twenty-five years? “I want to live with my family in my own house.”
Liyaena’s desire to work as a doctor could end up being aided by the high number of smartphones in South Africa. The creative start-up community could set up an initial healthcare consultation service using televideo technology to help provide medical services and treatment options to people in rural areas. Better medical care is needed in order to raise the life expec- tancy in Liyaena’s country.
Age 8, South Africa
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