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“I’m a farmer, born in 1976 in the southern German town of Gebenhofen, an hour’s drive northwest of Munich. I grow mainly corn, wheat, barley, rapeseed, and sugar beets on my 350 hectares—where I’ve tested Fendt’s new €340,000 942 Vario. My conclusion: the tractor is the perfect machine. Thanks to GPS satellite signals it moved autonomously and accurately across the fields. We used to have track overlaps of up to a meter. But on my run it was ten centimeters at most. That saves a lot of seeds and fertilizer. The “Fendt Connect”
   possible. But agriculture will be electrified with the help of fuel cells. As soon as the technology is ready for mass production, AGCO Fendt will be on board. This will bring significant changes to the machines—which will have electric motors on every wheel, for example, in order to move effectively on uneven ground. The efficiency and precision with which farming is pursued both now and in the future will also make room for niche products. In addi- tion to large-scale enterprises, small providers with new business models will also appear on the scene.
In densely populated areas, farmers will be able to earn good money on small plots of land that are used judiciously, for example by growing special medicinal plants or herbs. Vertical farming, in the form of green- houses right next to supermarkets where end consumers can harvest their own vegetables and take them home perfectly fresh, will become profitable on a sustainable basis. AGCO Fendt wants to have solutions ready in these areas too—in perfect keeping with its company motto: “We provide solutions to feed the world.”
on-board telemetrics register all data in real time and send various types of information—for example, crop protection agent amounts—straight to the office for the required docu- mentation. I spent the majority of my time in the cabin, which reminded me of an aviation control tower—complete with displays on the screen and tablet just in case I had to inter- vene in an emergency.
When I took the wheel once, the special steering system took less effort to operate. Together with GPS control it en- ables a very tight turn radius and made maneuvering nearly superfluous. That saves you a considerable amount of time. I could cover around 10 percent more ground. The MAN en- gine with its nine-liter displacement and 415 hp was useful too. To avoid erosion, I only rarely use a plow, and the 942 Vario loosened the soil with its “digger” function. For that you need a high-powered machine—which is what the 942 Vario is.”
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