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Delia has been to Milan, and would be delighted to go again. “Miracle Tunes,” her favorite dance group, will be performing at the Leolandia amusement park and she would love to see them. At home in Sicily, where she lives with her parents and sister, she likes to dance herself—both classical and modern genres. But only in the afternoons. In the mornings she goes to her preschool.
Delia likes animals, so she wants to become a veteri- narian. It is unclear whether she will be able to make a good living from her dream job. She comes from one of the weakest economic regions of Europe, and the political unity of the European Union is endangered. If the EU breaks up, southern Italy could be left be- hind. And if it doesn’t recover, Delia might have little choice but to go abroad.
Age 5, Italy
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