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 hot-galvanized steel for the bodies of our stan- dard series. With that, Porsche invented a long- term guarantee that has since been emulated by many companies. And we can take pride in the fact that more than 70 percent of all Porsches ever made are still drivable today.
You like to call this the dawn of a new era. Will Porsche fans still be able to recognize their brand in a few years?
Definitely. A Porsche will still be a Porsche, even in an age of electromobility. To meet the very different wishes of our customers, we are positioning ourselves to be as flexible
as possible in the future. We’ll offer further optimized gasoline engines, progressive plug-in hybrids, and also purely electric drive systems. Our many years of experi- ence with plug-in hybrids are very useful to us here.
In addition to the Taycan, you are planning further models with electric drive technology. Plans are afoot to present an all-electric version of the best-selling Macan in the coming generation as well. Is the future all rationality and e-mobility?
There is no getting around e-mobility. But Porsche is doing it its own way. By combining the future with our tra- dition, we will create electric vehicles that are unmistakably in step with the brand. Porsche’s unique DNA
is reflected in every detail: in the design and the quality, but above all in the outstanding driving dynamics. At Porsche, many innovations come from the race track—not only for
the gasoline engines, but also for our hybrids and electric dive systems. That allows us to infuse e-mobility with the essence of Porsche: emotion and fascination.
Oliver Blume
Chairman of the Porsche Executive Board

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