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Through the Eyes of a Child
When I look into the sparkling eyes of children, I see how open, curious, and perceptive these very young people are about everything all around them. Their undistorted gaze reflects what is powering their thoughts—a spirit of discovery, a sense of suspense, small dreams, a great appetite for life, but also respect for the world they are growing into—wherever that may be.
Children are our future. This statement is nothing new. But it is gaining in significance. Adults today need to ensure that the generations to come will have good opportunities—in every respect and in every country. The actions we take now therefore bear a large—and global—responsibility. More than ever, we need to focus very deliberately on people.
When talking about the future, and especially in a professional context, we immediately turn to the groundbreaking new technologies that are capable of radically changing much of our lives. Many things will become easier, faster, and more efficient. We should definitely promote that type of progress. But when we enter this new territory, awareness is needed for people, natural resources, and the environment. Change will only work if it can be brought into harmony with the spaces we live in— whether at our jobs or our homes.
That is why—interspersed amongst our reports on the future of business and industry—this issue of the magazine features portraits of children from different countries. And that is why we are venturing to predict what the lives of the next generation could look like. The children of today are the most important points of reference for how to shape the world of tomorrow and thereafter. How we shape the world lies in our hands. We adults bear the responsibility for decisions of enormous impact and scope over the next decades. Which is why we should keep an eye on children first and foremost when charting our course into the future.
As a consulting company that started its work twenty-five years ago, we are choosing not to look back. We are taking the occasion of our anniversary to look forward, into the future, and want to do our part to make sure that the focus remains on people.
I wish you much reading pleasure. And a little time to reflect when you look into the eyes of the children here in our portraits.
Eberhard Weiblen
Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche Consulting GmbH
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