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 How Will We Get Around in the Future—on Earth and in Space?
Embarking to distant shores and far-away galaxies. New concepts and technologies are revolutionizing mobility as we know it today. In space, too, states and companies are engaged in a race to the Moon and Mars.
Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe
Passengers all have their own mobility needs. LVB aims to meet those needs with digital services – page 52
Mobility Asia
China’s affinity for technology is all but unmatched.
So Volkswagen founded
a start-up there – page 56
The data that enable autonomous driving also have the potential for other commercial uses. Chris Heiser wants to tap that potential – page 54
New Mobility
Connected, autonomous, electric, shared, urban: How do these trends impact mobility? Porsche Consulting explains – page 58
Self-driving cars need a lot of computing power. Nvidia wants to press ahead in the sector—and feels ideally placed to do so – page 55
Mobility services
Being just as mobile without owning a car: These young companies are showing how it’s done – page 60
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