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 Mickael Morel,
Head of Spacecraft Panel Equipment, inspects a weather satellite (large photo). A research satellite
is tested in an anechoic chamber
(p. 402 above). Engineers work on
an antenna reflector in a cleanroom
(p. 42 below).
Experts in protective clothing assess a satellite platform element (p. 43 below).
With the help of Porsche Consulting, the campaign has now introduced Q6, which offers a considerably more systematic approach to problem- solving and driving improvements. “With Q6 we put the emphasis on efficient execution across the company,” says Manley. “One of the aims is to create a repeatable, robust structure that reinforces the positive effects of standards and reintroduces the best rhythm. The Q6 way of working allows us to better structure our approach during the produc- tion phases.”
Getting everyone on board was a key part of the campaign. Before it was launched, Manley and his team visited every site to talk to man- agers and operators and find out where the challenges were and what they believed the best solution would be. The response has been good. “We are seeing a huge amount of engagement—people are really em- bracing and taking ownership of the campaign. We ensure they have the tools and we give them support so that they can deliver. Everyone is part of this,” says Manley. The campaign is already bearing fruit. The company is seeing a quicker turnaround of key actions, which in turn has a direct impact on programs: from shorter, more effective meetings to improved adherence to schedules, reduced production interruptions, and more efficient problem resolution. “Our customers will see the dif- ference,” says Manley. The implementation of Q6 has been helped by the hands-on approach taken by Porsche Consulting. “It’s not just their in-depth knowledge that is a differentiator. It’s the way they engage with the workforce,” says Manley. “This has contributed to delivering the campaign in a speedy manner.”
The space industry, like the film industry, has its own glamour and its own big stars. Thales Alenia Space is at the forefront of delivering the digital technologies that are driving transformation. “We work on new technologies years before they are put in service for end users,” says Manley. “Right now, for example, we are introducing artifical in- telligence in our products and processes.” Working for a company that delivers high technology solutions for telecommunications, naviga- tion, Earth observation, environmental management, exploration, sci- ence, and orbital infrastructures is undoubtedly exhilarating. But Man- ley’s motivation for joining Thales Alenia Space was not this alone; he was also drawn by the possibilities that satellites offer here on Earth. “The satellites we build here help us understand our world better and optimize the use of our planet‘s resources,” he says. “It is about making life on Earth more sustainable—there is nothing bigger than that.”
Q6 is a quality approach that drives transformation in manufacturing. To introduce Q6 to Thales Alenia Space, Porsche’s consultants worked closely with staff, bringing a combination of strategic thinking and hands-on pragmatism. Q6 reinforces the positive effects of standards by emphasizing strictness, discipline, and rhythm. It also encour- ages reactivity throughout the company, igniting employee motivation and supporting an ethos of accountability. Porsche Consulting’s aim is to kick- start the process, escorting Thales Alenia Space in building a company-wide program and ensuring that it has the momentum to enable on-going autonomous rollout.
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