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  “You always have to understand the entire system.”
to another? PTV has long since established a dominant position here. “There’s hardly a package in France that isn’t delivered without PTV optimization.” Organizers of the world’s largest sporting events also rely on the experience and expertise of this German company. As do urban and traffic planners.
“Simulations let us look into the future,” says Humanes. To illustrate this, he switches the view on the big screen to the next stop, leaving Barcelona in the future for Karlsruhe in the present. It’s 9:30 in the morning, and many streets and intersections are marked in red. “It’s rush hour, and an accident has caused a traf- fic jam,” notes Humanes. But with one click, the system shows different scenarios for how traffic can flow again—within ten, thirty, or sixty minutes.
Congestion is just one problem for many of the world’s big cities. Another is the quality of life in their central districts, which
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