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 Ulf Middelberg
frequently takes the tram himself. The LVB app now makes it even easier to combine different means of transportation.
“One of our major aims is to
serve the growing trend
toward a sharing economy.”
Managing Director, Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe
dition, free Wi-Fi service has now been installed at each of the tram stops located in the city cen- ter and is being expanded to further parts of the city. All 1,200 drivers have been issued tablets to give them faster access to shift schedules, current traffic information, and digital keys for buses. In addition, a joint project with DHL has set up a platform and vehicles for new employ- ee ride-sharing options, including the associated job tickets. “Every passenger has their own mo- bility needs,” says Middelberg. “Public transpor- tation can meet them with smart services.”
Porsche Consulting is supporting LVB on its path to becoming a mobility service provider. Its transformation is based on the following busi- ness strategy: an all-round service provider can take on new business models and help shape the competitive rules of the game—instead of standing by while private providers forge ahead. As Middelberg puts it, “We want to take our cut of the digitalization profits.”
routing and improve connections and interfaces. Instead of laying more rails, LVB has set its sights elsewhere, with a focus on digital solutions for services such as shuttles to outlying areas of the city. Autonomous vehicles are also expected to play a significant role in the future. Leipzig is having a consortium of companies and experts develop a driverless electric bus for up to sixteen passengers that will run—at speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour—on its streets by 2021,
both as part of its public transportation network and available by app. Major aims include provid- ing better service to large places of employment on the outskirts of the city such as the Porsche and BMW plants and improving connections to Europe’s largest logistics hub for DHL Express.
And that‘s not all. A variety of innovative tram projects are running at the same time. Traffic lights are being connected to the digital control system and phased to facilitate tram flow. In ad-
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