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Mobility and Aerospace
No Car?
No Problem!
Even without owning a car, people can still be mobile at any time and have a fun driving experience to boot: the number of companies with new sharing services is growing—and their digital services are becoming increasingly sophisticated.
– Smart route planning
Sharing rides, saving money: Volkswagen is pursuing this idea with its new brand Moia. Anyone who wants a ride simply calls one of the black-and-yellow electric minibuses; an algorithm then calculates which additional riders have
a similar destination and can be picked up along the way. Up to six individual drives can be avoided in this manner. The start in Hanover and Hamburg has come off without a
hitch, and the utilization and convenience have been a hit: each vehicle is equipped with Wi-Fi and USB connections to provide an alternative for those commuters who wish to use their travel time for work.
We Share
– Electric fleet for rental
New competitor on the carsharing market: Volkswagen has kicked off We Share in Berlin. In contrast to the competition, We Share customers are exclusively electrically propelled—in 1,500 e-Golfs, for starters. The fleet will later be expanded to include e-up! and ID models. As of 2020, the Group will extend the service to other cit- ies and metropolitan areas in Germany, Europe, and North America.
– Porsche subscription
Cayenne during the week, 911 on holidays:
members of the Passport subscription program can choose from and switch between up to twenty-two Porsche models—as flexibly as watching Netflix series. Only available in Atlanta, Georgia, so far.
 Video in the online magazine
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