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Grayson and Charlotte
Age 3, USA
Charlotte and Grayson don’t necessarily need a lot
of toys. They always have each other, almost around the clock. These three-year-olds are twins. They live together with their mother, two fish, and a lizard on the east coast of New Jersey in the city of Toms River. They share a room, of course. There, in their yard, or in the park, they love to play—and would prefer to keep doing that “forever.”
Trying something out, moving on if it doesn’t work, learning by doing—what Charlotte and Grayson do in their room is the future of work. They could advise companies on implementing iterative processes. The ability to come up with innovations fast is in high demand in all sectors and at all levels. Ambitious countries that are home to many start-ups are new competition for the US.
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