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 Digitization and Automation
Porsche: Taycan Factory
Farewell to the assembly line:
In producing the Taycan, the manufacturer turned old methods on their head – page 64
Deutsche Lichtmiete
The company leases out lighting systems—and is turning its business into a digital platform – page 74
Smart Factory
Efficient, versatile, reliable, sustainable, attractive: The mode of production for tomorrow and beyond – page 68
Porsche: Quality
How is quality changing through digitalization and electrification? Frank Moser knows
the answer – page 78
What will the factory of the future be able to do? A visit to Switzer- land and the automation experts at ABB – page 72
W&W brandpool
Rethinking insurance: The new business endeavor from the W&W Group is appealing to young people – page 82
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