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 related influences. The experts have therefore introduced an environ- mental screening process in order to systematically analyze the impact of climate on such problems. Damage-related data are linked with environ- mental data, allowing statistical inferences to be calculated and displayed on a screen with just a few clicks. The results enable Porsche to develop and correct climate-related factors in faster and more targeted ways.
And customers? Their idea of quality won’t change under these new conditions. If anything, it will expand. “Customer journeys now extend beyond just the ‘car’ product. All manner of new quality-related aspects are now involved,” says Moser. Such as content quality. If customers use a Porsche app to reserve parking spots that turn out to be occupied, that
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affects how they view the quality of the Porsche brand. For the customer, it doesn’t matter whether the error is the fault of the car company, the content provider, or the parking garage operator. “The quality of the data that we provide has to be high,” says Moser.
“Our customers’ awareness of quality has not really changed. People who bought Porsches a few decades ago already had high standards back then. They don’t praise us for quality, they expect it of us. What’s chang- ing is the degree of internationalization and the ways in which quality is perceived in different markets. The expectations of European, American, and Chinese customers are not the same. For example, Chinese customers have different ideas about how things should smell. Whereas we in Europe

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