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     activity, the smart factory, Coroplast is already well under way, as a glimpse into the Wuppertal production facility amply demon- strates. An innovative manufacturing execution system (MES) is intended to give a further boost to the transparency and efficiency of production processes.
Inspiration in the workplace
Moving beyond all questions of organization and structure, time and costs, for Mekelburger there is one further aspect that can never be neglected when it comes to digitalization projects. As she notes, “The culture has to be a good fit. And that is one of the reasons why we opted for a collaboration with Porsche Consulting. We think freely and openly here and that applies to consulting projects as well.” A glance at the spaces created by the company is enough to illustrate the point. For instance, the spa- cious new lounge on the top floor of the company headquarters. Visitors, be they management or employees, are greeted when they walk in by various seating areas with a fireplace, comfortable sofas, and a large terrace. Far from following any new trends, with this space Coroplast is simply taking to its logical conclusion a
With its high-voltage wires that conform to domestic and international standards, Coroplast supplies one of the central components for e-mobility. They can with- stand rated voltages of 600 V AC and 1,000 V DC as well as temperatures of 180 degrees Celsius. Electri- cal wires made of aluminum or copper are sheathed in an orange-colored silicone insulation. As a secondary electromagnetic shielding measure, copper wires are woven around the silicone core; these are then taped with an aluminum foil before the now protected core is encased in an orange-colored silicone sheath.
principle that has always characterized the company: “The workplace should not only be a place of exertion, but also inspiration,” says Me- kelburger. Every floor also has works of modern art, which the company vigorously supports.
With the new corporate structure and the digitalization projects, Coroplast finds itself well positioned to face market conditions that, as Natalie Mekelburger sees it, are certainly not becoming any easier: “We have to be extremely reactive and grow along with mobility, whichev- er form it takes. If we’re able to achieve that in the next ten to fifteen years, it will be a big accomplishment. But to do that, we have to act in a customer-focused and flexible manner. Together with Porsche Con- sulting, we have created the primary prerequisites to be successful in that effort.”
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