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03 EDITORIAL Eberhard Weiblen06 LAID-BACK LAMP MAKERDietrich Brennenstuhl’s LED lamps are sought after by the elite. The designer himself would like to see them in the Museum of Modern Art.12 EXCEEDING THE LIMITS ISHIS JOB Experimental test pilot Wolfgang Absmeier talks about calculated risksand perfect preparation as the best possible life insurance for extreme situations.16 AIR PRESSURE ON THE RISEAirbus’ Chief Operating Officer Günter Butschek wants to make the company more agile. In fact he has to—the aircraft maker’s order books are full to bursting.20 STOPOVER AT A PORSCHE PLANTLean processes, a new quality strategy, and higher production rates—Airbus is working hard on its operational excellence.24 THE MASTERMINDS When companies grow fast their IT departments can become bottlenecks. To prevent this, Bentley’s specialized departments now confer with IT experts to decide if and when projects should be launched.36 TRAINERS, THERAPISTS, DIPLOMATS Specially trained Lean Transformation Leaders at US-based United Technologies Corporation are convincing its 200,000 employees worldwide of the merits of change—one on one.43 HEAVY LIFTING How the Krone commercial trailer manufacturer provides key products to transport companies.48 HOT With style, innovation, and unusual ideas, the Klafs sauna-making specialists have become a leader on the world market.54 CAPACITIES UNDER CONTROLInternal conflicts between sales and production pose a risk to business success. But centralized control—oriented unswervingly to the customer—eliminates narrow division-based thinking.62 HIGH-FLYING CUISINE FORHIGH FLYERS How giant in-flight service provider LSG Sky Chefs optimizes delivery reliability to more than 300 airline customers.66 GATEWAY TO THE WORLDPorsche Consulting now has a German branch office in the port city of Hamburg.67 IMPRESSUMPorsche Consulting – THE MAGAZINE28 UNIQUE VERSUS UNIFORMFelix Wolf, a maker of men’s clothing, uses a modular matrix system to offer affordable individualized suits.05

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