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02 EditorialEberhard Weiblen06 SoftwarE in thE drivEr’S SEatElektrobit advances networked cars42 12 what havE you achiEvEd today?Making office work easier and more effective14 luxury long-diStancE buSESHugo Fleck puts Brazil on wheels18 an EyE for valuEAugust Achleitner balances costs and customer wishes in the Porsche 91124 SpEcialiStS from thE vallEyA family-run Italian company packages the world28 inSpiration fromSilicon vallEyHow Aixtron uses IT insights for mechanical engineering31 imprESSum32 taxiS in taktConnections made simple34 hEalthy SavingSFresenius Medical Care: doubling production, reducing costs40 nExt Stop: pErfEctionHeitkamp & Thumann seek excellence from A to Z42 thE powEr of virtuESCombining German and Mexican strengths46 can numbErS lEad to rElaxation?When data guides a factory50 rEar-viEw mirror:20 yEarS of porSchE conSulting International guests celebrated the anniversary at the Porsche Museum56 onE porSchE drivEPassengers at Atlanta’s airport transfer to sports carsPorsche Consulting – The Magazine0550

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