We are looking for individuals with certain sets of qualities. The employees of Porsche Consulting are known for creativity, determination, the ability to put theory into practice, and a down-to-earth quality. They are passionate about their jobs.

Use your application to show us your very individual profile. Our online application tool will streamline the process for you, and for us too. We therefore request that you apply directly via our online portal.

We attach considerable importance to the letter that describes your motivation for applying to work at Porsche Consulting. Please include a resume, and any references from internships or previous employment.

The letter
Use this to explain why you are applying for the position. It’s important for us to see that you have already looked closely at our company and the position available. Make your letter stand out from the crowd, and use your own words instead of the terms in the job advertisement.

The resume
Please make sure your resume is clear and structured. Do not leave any gaps in your history or the information you provide, and also mention your dedication to extracurricular activities.

The interview
Interviews for full-time positions generally last up to an hour and a half. Your application will already have told us what you have studied and where you have worked. Use this conversation now to show us what you want to achieve in the future and what issues and subjects you are excited about.

We would like to know something about your personality, and to see how you come up with creative and systematic solutions. So you should be prepared for a request to tackle a case study – which might also come from an unfamiliar field. You will receive a written task description, and have a few minutes to draft a response. You will then present your results on a flip chart. What matters here is not the ability to reproduce theory, but rather a structured approach and evident enthusiasm for the work of a consultant. In addition to your specialized qualifications, we place a high priority on your personality.

The application process is not a one-way street. We are applying to you as well as you to us. Take the opportunity to ask us questions. After all, you have to find out for yourself whether Porsche Consulting is the right employer for you.