Business Services

How to make an excellent management consultancy even better

In order for our consultants to provide superb advice and concentrate entirely on their clients, our business services specialists support them in every way. They are responsible for our press and public relations, for ever more comprehensive employee development, and for perfectly functioning IT systems. In short, they are the strong backbone of the company.

The business services that need your skills

Because Porsche Consulting is growing continuously, we look forward to your ambitious support in all areas. You can join us as an experienced expert in your field or as a recent graduate of a relevant subject.

An outstanding reputation is essential for a successful management consultancy. Our specialists cover all fields of communication, both online and offline, in presenting Porsche Consulting to the public.

This team handles all aspects of a modern finance & controlling department. Its specialists run all financial transactions and provide day-to-day updates on key financial targets.

A management consultancy lives from the expertise of its consultants. Our HR team runs recruitment activities and puts employee development into practice every day.

Perfectly functioning information services are absolutely essential. Our hardware and software experts provide optimal IT infrastructure, ensure all security matters, and offer excellent support.

Strategic and operational supplier management helps to maintain excellent performance standards. The purchasing team qualifies and oversees service providers, handles tender processes, and directs price negotiations.

Our knowledge experts are the main guardians of our intellectual capital. They maintain networks of experts, provide consulting teams with the latest internal and external documentation, and carry out research.

Porsche Consulting stands for striking, viewer-oriented communications. Our graphics team makes this possible with an eye for appealing and sophisticated design.

Here, everything that makes the daily routine for our consultants smooth is handled reliably and trustfully: appointments, travel arrangements, correspondence, and much more.


You are sure to find your next challenge among our list of available positions. Or simply send us an unsolicited application. Our teams are pleased to welcome anyone who shares the values of the Porsche brand: passion, sportsmanship, a sense of family, and a pioneering spirit.

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