Dr. Ulrich Guddat, Peek & Cloppenburg

 “At Porsche Consulting you work with great clients”

Dr. Ulrich Guddat rose from consultant to partner at Porsche Consulting in six years, and helped shape the aviation and aerospace division. Today he is a member of the executive board of the retail clothing company Peek & Cloppenburg. 

Dr. Ulrich Guddat gets his best ideas above the clouds. A Porsche Consulting alumnus with a private pilot’s license, he enjoys the change in perspective from the cockpit high above the Rhineland. He is also a high flyer in professional terms. In 2014 he joined the executive board of Peek & Cloppenburg, a retail clothing chain headquartered in Düsseldorf and Vienna, where his responsibilities include logistics and IT. He started his career at Porsche Consulting, where he rose from consultant to partner in just six years.

“The experience I gained at Porsche Consulting is invaluable,” Guddat says. “I continue to benefit enormously from the attitude that the people have there.” For this visionary, the Japanese-based “go gemba” principle (go to “where it happens”) is superbly exemplified by the philosophy of Porsche. And he has remained true to it in his new position. With his approach to work, Guddat has helped to write many stories of success and to convince the very best clients. “At Porsche Consulting you work with great clients,” he says. “It’s similar to what happens when you play tennis. If you have a poor opponent, then you start letting up and hitting balls into the net. But if you have a really good one, then you are spurred on to your best form.”

Guddat, who has a doctorate in computer science and electronic engineering, played a major role in enabling the Porsche subsidiary to acquire the software giant SAP as one of its largest clients. Another project close to his heart consisted of building up the aviation and aerospace division. In 2008 he brought in what is the largest external contract in this sector for Porsche Consulting to date. “We gulped at first,” says Guddat with a laugh. But as an aviation expert, he was of course superbly prepared for the job. More than 200 aviation projects have followed for the consulting company, with renowned clients including Delta Air Lines, British Airways, Lufthansa Technik, Airbus, and MTU Aero Engines.

At his new position, he continues to pursue a private passion for Porsche. A father of three children, he drives his 1961 silver Porsche 356 on the winding roads of the Allgäu region on the weekends and enjoys the essence of Porsche. “You won’t find a superfluous component or any stylistic excess,” he says. “You can feel the incredible care taken in developing every part of the car.”