Michael Lemperle, Senior Manager Vehicle Launch, Faraday Future, Los Angeles

“Next stop for a global traveler”

Following a master’s thesis and an internship, Michael Lemperle rose from Junior Consultant to Senior Project Manager at Porsche Consulting in just six years. One of his projects for parent company Porsche AG was to consult for the expansion of the Leipzig plant. The experience he gained from this project has benefited him to this day. He is now working in Los Angeles for Faraday Future – a start-up that makes premium electric cars.

Michael Lemperle doesn’t like to stay in one place for long. He inherited a desire to see the world from his parents. The son of an engineer and a teacher, he was born in Stuttgart but spent several years of his childhood and youth in India and France.

He earned a degree in economic engineering in Aachen, followed by a master’s in Beijing, and did internships in Australia and the USA. Shortly before completing his master’s studies, he embarked upon a consultant’s career, which would give him considerable opportunity for travel. During an internship at Porsche AG, he got to know Porsche Consulting. “I quickly realized that the management consultancy would give me everything I wanted to launch my career, including a wide range of projects and a corporate culture that encourages pragmatic solutions,” says Lemperle in recalling his decision to join the company. But he didn’t think that he would remain in consulting for long. “I assumed it would be two or three years, but it turned out to be seven.” What kept him at Porsche Consulting? “As an engineer, I’m also a huge fan of technology, of course. The job gives you greater insight into high-tech companies than any other.” Cars, trains, planes, helicopters – Lemperle has seen the inside and outside of production halls of leading companies around the globe, and helped to make their processes more efficient.

When asked which project was his favorite, he describes the comprehensive expansion of Porsche’s plant in Leipzig – a highly modern factory that sets standards worldwide to this day in logistics and more. “I was involved in the expansion for years, and learned the importance of detailed planning, but above all how crucial a strong team is for success. That experience helped me enormously.” He continues to benefit from it. Lemperle, who calls himself a “foster child of Porsche Consulting,” proceeded to catch the travel bug again. This time it took him to the USA, to be closer to his wife. He is directing construction of a new factory in Las Vegas where the first cars from Faraday Future –which seeks to rival Tesla – will soon be rolling from the production line.