Learning curve

Porsche Consulting consistently promotes the further development of all its employees, because they are responsible for the success of the company. Our personnel development programs stand on a number of different pillars: warm-up program, project work, feedback, workshops, and education reimbursement. All of these measures are adapted to employees’ different stages of development and individual needs.


New employees start their careers at Porsche Consulting with an intensive training program known as a “warm-up” at our headquarters in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany. During this three-week initial period they get to know our company and become acquainted with our consulting methods and corporate culture. Not only technical input is important, but also internal networking – above and beyond different departments and levels of the hierarchy as well as our different offices.

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Project work
Our consultants are assigned to different projects every three to five months. This gives them the chance to know and understand different companies and subject areas. They work on consulting teams in conjunction with the client’s employees to develop individual solutions. They generally do this at the client’s site from Monday through Thursday, and then spend Fridays at the office to prepare and evaluate the weeks of project work. This is also an opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues from other specialized areas. Porsche Consulting places a premium on team spirit: one of the main leadership mottoes is “We act as one team.”

We maintain an open culture of communication at Porsche Consulting, and value regular feedback. Feedback reviews are held with supervisors, project directors, and within teams. Quarterly outlook talks are held as part of our goal-setting process. Managers and employees maintain a dialogue on employees’ performance and potential. We also discuss future goals and challenges. From this we jointly derive need-based support measures for both on and off the job.

The core of our training program consists of the “training weeks” that we offer to all employees twice a year. They consist of  various seminars, with content oriented to every rung of the career ladder. At the start of their careers, our employees are coached predominately in consulting methods and tools. They subsequently benefit from the leadership skills they acquire, which include everything up to long-term development of business relations in the context of client management.

Education reimbursement
Porsche Consulting promotes academic development by supporting completion of a broad range of graduate programs. Those who find a compelling topic in their project work can also pursue this on an academic basis in the course of earning a doctoral degree.