Learning curve

We invest heavily in our people, because we know they’re what makes Porsche Consulting a success. We help our teams continue to learn and grow through a wide variety of professional development programs that include a four-week “warm-up” program at our German headquarters, hands-on project work, continuous feedback, workshops and education reimbursement. Each activity is tailored to an employee’s stage of development and individual needs.


New employees start their careers at Porsche Consulting with an intensive training program known as a “warm-up” at our headquarters in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany. During this four-week orientation, they get to know our company, our consulting methods and our corporate culture. They build the technical knowledge they’ll need to drive results for our clients and begin forging strong internal networks with colleagues at all levels, across departments and offices.

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Project work
Our consultants are assigned to different projects every three to five months, giving them the opportunity to get to know different companies and subject areas. They work on consulting teams that partner with clients to develop individual solutions. To do this, they generally work onsite at the client’s location from Monday through Thursday and then spend Fridays at the office to prepare for the next week, evaluate progress to date and exchange ideas with colleagues with other areas of expertise. At Porsche Consulting, we place a premium on team spirit, and this is embodied in one of our key leadership mottoes: “We act as one team.”

We value regular feedback and have a culture of open communication at Porsche Consulting. Reviews are held with supervisors and project directors as well as within teams to solicit 360-degree feedback. Our goal-setting process includes quarterly planning to help managers and employees discuss targets and challenges and maintain a dialogue about each employee’s performance and potential. We bring all of this information together to find ways to support our employees, both on and off the job.

Ongoing professional development
The core of our training program consists of an annual company-wide “training week” that includes seminars with content oriented to every rung of the career ladder. Employees who are just starting out in their careers receive coaching in consulting methods and tools. As they progress, they develop and refine leadership skills that range from managing projects to developing long-term relationships with clients. We also give employees the freedom to use an additional week for training tailored to their needs and schedule.

Education reimbursement
Porsche Consulting promotes academic development by supporting our team members in a broad range of graduate programs. Often, our employees find inspiration in their project work that guides their area of focus in pursuing a doctoral degree.